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our Solution to the perfect beard oil

We love beard oils just like every other bearded man, but came into a few issues with purchasing beard oils we found online. The oils for starters were either too greasy or too light and didn't quite have the desirable feel we sought after. Secondly the scents were a little overbearing and we didn't like how strong the aroma of the essential oils used in those beard products smelled. We came up with a solution to our troubles when looking for the perfect beard oil, we made our own. The feel gives a excellent coating to your beard to keep it soft, smooth, and maintained. Without the greasy look for feel. Then we curated the perfect scent with natural vanilla beans that actually smell like fresh vanilla on your beard without an overpowering aroma. This is by far our favorite beard oil we've tried and we hope you'll enjoy it with us!

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Ginseng is an Asian root that has been around for over 5000 years to help treat various illnesses. Ginseng has immunity boosting properties and increases resistance to illness. Ginseng has also been proven to reduce inflammation and has been shown to be a promising treatment for fatigue.


Ashwaganda is an adaptogen that has been used as a treatment to manage and balance stress levels and anxiety. More recent studies have shown it's possible use for improving endurance and enhancing physical strength as well.


Rhodiola rosea is a perennial flowering plant that has been used as a traditional medicine for treating anxiety and depression. Today it's been studied and proven to be an effective supplement for improving learning and memory. It's also been seen to be effective for reducing stress and fatigue.