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We source our ingredients from Hawaii and other locations, meticulously crafted using the highest quality scents and oils. We don’t try to save on cost by adding cheaper alternative ingredients like many companies do.

Generally all hair/skin types have challenges. We have researched these naturally vitamin enriched oils to target some of the most troubling issues: dry skin, brittle nails, lack of moisture, brittle hair, dry split ends, and lack of natural shine.

Hawaiian Products are generally free of any known side effects. It's best to review our list of ingredients for any sensitivity or allergies you may have.

Everyone! Our products can be applied to all skin (dry, oily, combination) and hair types (1A-4C), lengths and styles (extensions, braids, color treated hair, etc.).

Our Meli Honi oil was developed to have a beautiful and unique scent that you can’t find just anywhere. We wanted a tropical floral, but also a radiating warm scent that provoked feelings of calmness and serenity. We didn’t want to use any artificial fragrances as those can induce feelings of nausea in some people, artificial fragrances tend to smell very cheap as well. Our scents are natural and of very high quality.

Our Vanilla CO2 Organic has a rich 12% Vanillin content and instead of being extracted by petrochemical solvents. It's extracted with CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas under ambient temperature. It's an excellent way to extract the best of aromatic oils gently from plants.

Our Hawaiian Makani Pet Wash was specifically designed to use for dogs, as different animals require different PH levels in their shampoo to keep their skin and hair/fur healthy.

Our Makani Pet Wash not only cleans but also conditions. The oils used in our Makani Pet Wash will leave your pets hair/fur feeling clean and soft.

Our Vanilla Bean Beard oil imparts shine along with manageability and infusing your beard with naturally occurring vitamins. The warm vanilla scent is authentic with vanilla CO2 and a real vanilla bean inside the bottle.

For hair we recommend using a couple drops to start and add more if needed, depending on the thickness of hair will determine if you need more or less. For beard we recommend the same principle.

Mokupuni oil assists with hair repair. The hair oils helps restore the hair to a healthier state bringing back moisture, texture management, split end prevention, scalp health and strength to hair follicles.

Our products are low comedogenic (meaning they don't block skin pores) and will generally not cause breakouts.

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Yes, in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with any of our products. Simply return it for a full refund.

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