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our Solution to the perfect beard oil

We love beard oils just like every other bearded man, but came into a few issues with purchasing beard oils we found online. The oils for starters were either too greasy or too light and didn't quite have the desirable feel we sought after. Secondly the scents were a little overbearing and we didn't like how strong the aroma of the essential oils used in those beard products smelled. We came up with a solution to our troubles when looking for the perfect beard oil, we made our own. The feel gives a excellent coating to your beard to keep it soft, smooth, and maintained. Without the greasy look for feel. Then we curated the perfect scent with natural vanilla beans that actually smell like fresh vanilla on your beard without an overpowering aroma. This is by far our favorite beard oil we've tried and we hope you'll enjoy it with us!




All the oils we picked serve a purpose. Our rich blend is meant to keep your beards locks well maintained and feeling smooth. You won't feel it's too greasy, or too light as you would with a lot of beard oils on the market. We created our blend of oils to have the wonderful feel and also for the vitamins and antioxidants. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants our beard oil will keep your beard strong and healthy.


Scent is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing beard oils. If it doesn't smell good or smells too potent you're likely not going to buy or use it. Our vanilla beard oil was very carefully created to have a creamy vanilla scent without it smelling fake or too strong. We found other beard oils with the vanilla scent, but they smelled fake and not like the real bean. We didn't want to imitate that and go the cheap route.


Quality is important. If you're not using quality product it's not going to give you the expected desired result. That's why we only picked the best ingredients to make this product work to it's full potential. Great quality oils and real quality vanilla beans will have you smelling great and have your beard looking great too. Don't settle for cheap, sub par product. Splurge on your beard and it will thank you.

Our Hair Skin and Nail oil

There's more than enough skin and hair oils on the market right? Well none of them are quite like ours. With such a delicate floral scent this oil will have you smelling fresh and without the fake fragrance. We use real natural ingredients for all our oil products. the smell of fake fragrances can bother your nose, and if you're expecting to smell a delicate floral scent.. wouldn't you want it to smell like the real thing? While this oil certainly has its own unique scent it is very gentle and will not overpower.




We carefully chose each oil ingredient so that our product would feel softening and smooth without feeling greasy. It took awhile to find a blend that added shine and moisture without feeling heavy or appearing greasy. The vitamins and antioxidants in these oils will also keep your hair, skin, & nails healthy. The softening will be very beneficial if you tend to have flaky skin, brittle hair, and nails.


The scent for this product was really important to us and took a long time to get the perfect aromatic blend. We wanted to have the pleasant scent of fresh flowers, and there was plenty of lab made fragrances on the market at a cheap cost but we didn't take to the scent. It didn't smell real and it was way too overpowering, we didn't want to make a lower quality product to save a couple bucks. We went through several different real and natural scents until we finally found the right combination to give a delicate and pleasant aroma of these beautiful smelling flowers.


It's no secret that there's thousands of hair, skin, and nail moisturizing oil products. We had trouble finding one that fit our needs and wants when it came to an oil product. We didn't want it greasy, we didn't want it to smell bad, and we wanted it to be natural. We accomplished that and made a product we are truly proud of. We hope you will enjoy it with us.