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Hawaiian Products

Hawaiian Youth Butter

No matter what age you are you'll love the radiant sexy glow of what Hawaiian Youth Butter does for your skin. A luxurious natural body lotion enriched with a powerful anti-oxidant coffee fruit extract.

We also spiked it with some Mango Seed Butter for firming skin and topped it all off with a heavenly lotus scent that is so soothing you'll think your in Hawaii. Other fabulous ingredients include: Aloe Vera juice, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Rosemary Oil.

Your inner beauty will radiate outward. The legend of the power of the lotus blossom is that it reaches up from the darkest depths to open to the sky in a stunning display of complex beauty, heartiness, and heavenly fragrance.

Hawaiian Youth Butter is the secret to youthful healthy looking skin. Your skin will feel tighter, rejuvenated and nourished.