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Hawaiian Products

Aloha! Welcome to the Islands of Hawaii...

Hawaiian Products is dedicated in bringing you the best products from Hawaii. The majority of the ingredients for Hawaiian Products are grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaiian Products is all about the Hawaiian lifestyle. Click Here to Win FREE Hawaiian-Products

Hawaiian Products wants to make 2015 your best and healthiest year ever. We are proud to offer some of the world's most powerful and potent botanicals. That's just the beginning of the journey of our ingredients to your home.

Just by using Hawaiian Products you'll feel a special connection to these magnificient Islands. The spirit of Aloha runs deep and once you experience it you'll never forget it.

Miss Hawaiian Products Contest Needs Judges...

We're starting 2015 off with a bang as we go on a nationwide search for Miss Hawaiian-Products 2015. We really plan on making this a fun event with lots of prizes and participation. The lucky winner will be selected by most popular vote on Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Head over here for the all the latest details and register to get exclusive updates as well.

Become part of the "elite" judges team and get rewards for doing so. You'll receive exclusive updates to what is going on and previews of the contestants. Plus other fun things and surprises. Check it out!

Carson Klein - Wingsuit Race in Slow-Mo, Oahu, Hawaii...

Carson Klein comes from a solid Skydiving and BASE Jumping background. His years of experience in freefall and canopy sports has given him a very thorough understanding of the new sport of speed flying due to the similarity of skydiving and speed flying / riding canopies. He can typically be found speeding the mountains in Utah and the Alps, depending on the season.

About the Hawaii Seal of Quality...

Hawaiian Products is proud to have some of their products carry the prestigious Hawaii Seal of Quality. This is your assurance of getting some of the finest products the Islands of Hawaii has to offer. Launched in May 2006, the Seals of Quality represents the cream of the crop of Hawai`i's agricultural producers.

As If Hawaii Isn't Famous Enough...

With things like, world-famous beaches, gorgeous women, scenery to die for, pristine agriculture, volcanoes and so on. There's now been something else added to that list.

Weight loss. Yes, you heard that right. Seems like in Hawaii, there's been a secret for many years as to those beautiful bikini clad women showing off on the beaches of Waikiki.

Over the years Hawaii Slim has developed a cult like following and has been kept relatively underground until now. All of that changed, when it was discovered by someone from the media who was on vacation.

Exciting News From Hawaiian Products...

We are very proud to announce the upcoming arrival of our highly anticipated "Hawaiian-Sexy" line. Hawaiian-Sexy is going to offer a dazzling array of colors, scents and other bodycare products that will give you an unstoppable confidence and glow. Available in the beginning of 2015 or maybe even sooner! Click here or on our logo for a special surprise!

Check Out What You Can Do In Hawaii...

Here's a quick glimpse of all the fun things you can do in Hawaii. We certainly hope that you are able to make it over here someday if you haven't already. But beware! Because almost everyone who comes here loves it and finds it very difficult to go back home. That's why they call it paradise!

Hawaii at a glimpse

Exotic New Diet Pill

Hawaii Slim is a completely original formula that features a dynamic triple action formula that combines superfoods with fat read more

Hawaii-5 Detox combines the best of traditional Hawaiian Herbs into an innovative modern formula that can help improve joint read more

Hawaiian Youth Butter is here! If you want to look and feel your very best. It's time to finally pamper yourself with a beautiful Hawaiian Glow for your skin with a silky read more

Herbal Bust Plus has been specially formulated to help enhance the size and shape of your breasts safely, quickly and without the pain and health risks of surgical read more

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